Double Choc Chilli Zucchini Muffins

Chocolate and chilli… A weird, yet scrumptious combination, originating years ago! We’re talking way back in Mesoamerican times, where their main use for the cacao bean was to grind and mix with water, honey, vanilla, chilli and other spices to make a chocolate drink! Interesting, hey? Well, I find it interesting.

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Nutty Chickpea Bites

To be honest, I envisioned this recipe a lot differently to how it turned out. I was imagining more of a savoury protein ball, something you just take one or two of to satisfy a savoury craving, or for a quick protein hit after a strength workout. A snack ball, if you will. I even originally titled this recipe ‘savoury snack balls’! But they turned out better, and much more versatile, than I could have hoped for.

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