I lost weight in inpatient care.

Yes, you read correctly! Grab a cuppa, and settle in. It’s a long one…

Disclaimer: While I have not used any numbers, and tried to be neutral in language, be very careful when reading if you struggle with mental health, or any talk of weight gain. Also, please remember that ALL experiences are different. This is mine, and I write this to be open about my personal struggles and experiences. Inpatient treatment definitely has its place, and I do not dismiss its value in some cases.

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Gingerbread + Vanilla Baked Cheezecake

While I didn’t have the biggest sweet tooth growing up, one thing I absolutely loved was a solid slice of my Mum’s cheesecake. And then my sister began making cheesecakes of a HUGE variety (Toblerone, being her speciality) and I really enjoyed them too! But growing up with hereditary high cholesterol and being dairy intolerant made this a rare delicacy.. And a painful one at that!

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