About Me

Hi everyone, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Ash, and I’m a food enthusiast from Queensland, Australia.

Growing up, I never wanted anything to do with cooking or being in the kitchen, unless it was to lick batter off a cake beater, or make myself a bowl of cereal. But after experiencing and recovering from eating disorders, as well as other mental illnesses, I grew a fondness for food and a love for providing my body with the nutrients and essentials it needs to function at its best. In simple terms, I learnt to look after myself, nourish myself, and treat my body and mind right. I learnt to love, respect and appreciate my life, body and health. I found peace. And now you can’t get me out of the kitchen!

I created my Instagram, @innerpickle_, and now this blog, in the hopes of inspiring others on their journey. I hope to help others learn to love and nourish their beautiful souls from the inside out, just like I did,  with simple, delicious and (mostly) healthy wholefoods. I say mostly because life is all about balance and being in tune to your body’s wants and needs. I feel like most of us don’t understand that sometimes it is 100% okay to treat yourself, in fact, I encourage it, which is why you’ll find a range of my sweet and savoury, healthy and unhealthy, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes featured on my blog. Something for every occasion, want, or craving!

So have a look around! I sincerely hope you like what you find, and are inspired to live the best life you can.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to introduce yourself, feel free to comment on my blog or Instagram, use the Contact page, or email me anytime at ashleighjanecalder@gmail.com