Sweet Cracker Sandwiches

Cookie sandwiches are a treat indulged upon by many. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy treating themselves to a good cookie sandwich! The dense, freshly baked cookie, coupled with a delicious, creamy filling of whatever variety… Okay, now I’m making myself hungry..

IMG_20180118_141346_636 1

Akin to the cookie sandwich though, comes these, a much healthier, more nutritionally dense, lighter, cracker-based snack, perfect for any time of day! No, really… ANY time. Add it to your breakfast for something slightly more decadent, eat one for dessert, even have it as a mid-morning snack! Feed them to your kids, if you have any, for an after school treat, and while you’re at it, have one for yourself to satisfy that sweet, 3pm craving.

Lightly coated in dark chocolate, and filled with a delicious, almost nice-cream, peanut butter banana mixture, these sandwiches are held together by wafer crackers! Who would have guessed! I have used the new (and purple!) Black Bean Wafers from Orgran Health + Nutrition as they hold more protein, but feel free to use any other wafer crackers from their amazing range.



While there is a lot of freezing time in this recipe, don’t let that deter you, as the actual preparation and assembly is quite straight forward, and easy to do. And hey! In the meantime, you’re free to go about the rest of your day as you normally would, all the time knowing you’ve got a delectable chocolate coated ‘cookie’ sandwich (or five..) waiting for you at the end. Now if that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is.


RECIPE: Sweet Cracker Sandwiches
Vegan. Gluten Free. Soy Free.
Nut Free option.

20 x Black Bean Wafers Crackers
1 large ripe banana
2 tblsp crunchy, all natural peanut butter (Nut Free option: Seed butter)
1 tblsp coconut oil, melted
1/2 tsp cinnamon
100g dark chocolate, 75% minumum

  1. Layer out all the wafer crackers on a chopping board lined with baking paper, and lightly place another board on top to keep the crackers flat. Freeze.
  2. To make the filling, mash the banana until smooth, and stir through the cinnamon. Stir through the coconut oil, until evenly combined, and lastly, whisk through the peanut butter until no clumps remain. Freeze, stirring occasionally, until the mix is thick, but still workable.
  3. Remove both the crackers and filling from the freezer. Spoon tablespoons of the filling and dollop onto 10 of the crackers. Using the remaining 10, top the sandwiches, lightly pressing down to ensure the mixture spreads evenly across the bottom cracker. Add more mixture if desired. Freeze.
  4. Break the chocolate into small pieces in a bowl, and microwave for 10 second intervals, stirring each time, until melted, ensuring the chocolate doesn’t burn. Set up a work station with a butter knife, spoon and the chocolate.
  5. Remove the sandwiches from the freezer. Spoon chocolate over the top of one, and use the knife to spread evenly across the top, over the sides, and around the edges, making sure everything is covered. It is important to do this step quickly and one sandwich at a time, as the chocolate will begin to set almost straight away.
  6. Repeat for each sandwich, and if there is any chocolate left over, use it to touch up any bare spots. Finally, place the treats back in the freezer to set the chocolate coating completely!

These will keep in the freezer until… Well, until you eat them all, I guess! But as this makes only 10, I can’t imagine they’ll last long. So feel free to double the recipe and make more for when you have guests over, or even just to have on hand! They’re a great, nutritional snack to keep that sweet niggle satisfied, without the ridiculous sugar rush.


Enjoy the treat, friends! And please let me know how you go with them!

Happy munching,

Ash x



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