Coffee Crunch Protein Fudge Balls

A pre or post-workout snack, a cure to the well-known 3pm slump, or even just a snack to keep you going through the day, these protein balls are perfect!


And they have it all! There are natural carbs, and sugars. There are solid sources of protein. There are healthy fats for a slow energy release. And they’ve got a fudgey texture like you wouldn’t believe, with additional crunch! What could be better.

I don’t often add protein powders to my food and drink. I often find them extremely overpowering, to the point of everything tasting like powder. It’s not a nice taste, let me tell you! But more recently, I’ve been increasing my protein intake (and finding delish ways to enjoy them!) in an attempt to put on weight, and it’s working!

These balls have definitely helped, and I hope they help you too.



RECIPE: Coffee Crunch Protein Fudge Balls
Vegan. Gluten Free. Oil Free.

1 cup + 2 tblsp almond meal
3 tblsp Amazonia RAW Slim + Tone – Green Coffee Espresso flavour (see Note)
2 tblsp The Haus Of Health Bean Bonanza blend (see Note)
1 tblsp psyllium husk (optional, but adds fibre + aids digestion)
8 large medjool dates

  1. Start by preparing your dates. Slice them lengthways, remove the seed, and place in a bowl. Cover with boiling water for a minimum of 1 hour.
  2. In a food processor, add all of the dry ingredients and pulse for a few seconds to combine, breaking down any large chunks.
  3. Drain and soak the dates, and with the processor running, add the dates one at a time, giving each date a chance to blend through. Do this until all the dates are added, and a big ball of fudgey ‘dough’ has formed and is rolling around inside the food processor.
  4. Stop the food processor, and transfer the dough into a mixing bowl. Break off equal quantities of dough, and roll into balls, placing on a plate once formed. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge, and devour as necessary!

Note: Feel free to use whichever brand protein you prefer, just know that this will remove the coffee taste. As for the Bean Bonanza blend, this blend contains ground coffee beans and nuts, also adds to the coffee taste, and is DELICIOUS. However, feel free to substitute with 2 tblsp of mixed ground nuts.


I am incredibly obsessive when it comes to creating ‘equal sized’ portions, so I created 15 balls, each at a weight of 30g. But there is NO need to be as precise as me! Just roll however much you feel is right for you.

Happy eating, fellow snackers! Let me know what you think through comments and tags in photos… You know.. The usual methods! Enjoy snacking the healthy way.

Ash x


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